Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sien...Boring...Bosan....Dont know where to go!

Sien...Boring...Bosan....Dont know where to go!

1) The amazing beautiful lake view in sabah(in Kunak, Mostyn, Sime Darby Plantation estate)! This lake is natural builded. The air here is fresh. The fish's here were big but you are not allow fishing here, told by the workers. If you want to release stress you can come here.
For me while i stay in this guess house, everyday what i can do is.... Only looking at this nice lake view and while at night, i sleep with insect. So nothing much i can do...So I gain more stess if i stay longer here.... But i think some people will like it.

2) ....It is because you are stay in the middle of plantation area! You are surrounding by oil palm tree. That why, if my friend asking me Sabah nice place to go or not! I will Say No! LOL! I think it is because i stuck here, haven visit others place.

3) If you like crowded place..You can come to Melacca Jonker Walk. There will be a night market held in friday, saturday, sunday night. A lot of tradisional/antique stuff you can find here.

4) The bad thing is you will trapped in the trafic jam which all the people hate it.

5) A luxury place(Sunway resort hotel) which only i attend when it is free.....

6) When the company annual dinner lo. ".-."!


JiNG said...

I heard ur golden hope strategist and marketing manager kena pecat cos lose money is it?? wuahhahah then u can beceome manager lor.. fast fast go up lar.. hahha

QuaChee said...

i guess urban-nites cant tahan living in secluded areas (me included) haha. but some do :)

Baba said...

JiNG - Lol !ME?? I think wait till me working untill 55 also hard to be a manager ler

Quachee - Yes! You Are right!