Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Which car i should BUY?

Inokom Getz?
Where i can got discount and may be will be a free interest rate also! Not sure!
In the promotion list RM 47,637.16 for Inokom Getz 1.4(M)
RM 51,489.34 for Inokom Getz 1.4(A)
Don't know whether it is the final price or not, I am still waiting the clarification from the salesperson. Hopefully the price is the final one, no more adds on/extra price/charges.
I also not really sure about the car specification that included in this package.

Perodua Myvi?

The demand of this cars are damn high! I quite like this cars and wish to have it. The space inside this car is big, comfortable for the big fat ass like me.
Price = RM46,836 for the Myvy Ez model which is auto transmission, the lowest spec for 1.3 model. The special edition(sporty looks) are so nice looking!

Naza Suria / Kia Picanto?

No really sure about this car. The original price RM45,888...While searching this car in the internet i found that there will be a promotion price for this car. The promotion price is RM 40888. Should i trust the salesperson.

Wish to have this type of car, but is too expensive for fresh noob employee like me. The price is RM53,300. I still need to pay 600++ if i take 9 year loan. Sure will be a poor ass after buying this car.

Currently is Malaysia's most fuel efficient fuel ride! Good sporty looking, but a litter big small. You know la, i am a fat ass ma.

I no idea...........I now considering to buy Inokom Getz! How about the car fuel consumption? Are the car expensive to main? Any one can give me an idea?????


QuaChee said...

i would think the myvi & pesona's cool. but i also know that honda is very fuel saving. you may consider the city if budget is within range :)

Mun said...

I heard Viva is very good in terms of fuel consumption.

Baba said...

QuaChee said..
Honda??? Sure no for me man! Where i can afford it. too expensive for me ler!
But give me more 3 year, i will work hard for that! hahahah!

Thanks for you 2 for first time dropping ur comment here

Mun said...
Yes that is true! but i am a fat ass ler!
Sure the car no power for fat ass like me!

QuaChee said...

interesting blog u have act :) wanna exchange links?.. anyway, ill put u up on my blog-roll

JiNG said...

buy inokom lar... u can save damn a lot lor.. no interest somemore.. hahha.. then can fetch me liao lor.. :P