Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crazzy thing happen in 2008 Christmas!

1) While Santa deliver Christmas gifts to your house!

The good thing here is Santa never forgot his job.

2) When a snow man try to steal from another snow man by pointing Hair Dryer on him.

Don't need a gun to kill!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"The Poster OF Anwar" "Hope" or "Disaster"

To Download the poster, Right click and click "Save Image As...."
He Bring "Hope" or "Disaster" ; Lets the people (RAKYAT) choose. So Make sure U vote!
For Our country, For our future, For our live!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Which car i should BUY?

Inokom Getz?
Where i can got discount and may be will be a free interest rate also! Not sure!
In the promotion list RM 47,637.16 for Inokom Getz 1.4(M)
RM 51,489.34 for Inokom Getz 1.4(A)
Don't know whether it is the final price or not, I am still waiting the clarification from the salesperson. Hopefully the price is the final one, no more adds on/extra price/charges.
I also not really sure about the car specification that included in this package.

Perodua Myvi?

The demand of this cars are damn high! I quite like this cars and wish to have it. The space inside this car is big, comfortable for the big fat ass like me.
Price = RM46,836 for the Myvy Ez model which is auto transmission, the lowest spec for 1.3 model. The special edition(sporty looks) are so nice looking!

Naza Suria / Kia Picanto?

No really sure about this car. The original price RM45,888...While searching this car in the internet i found that there will be a promotion price for this car. The promotion price is RM 40888. Should i trust the salesperson.

Wish to have this type of car, but is too expensive for fresh noob employee like me. The price is RM53,300. I still need to pay 600++ if i take 9 year loan. Sure will be a poor ass after buying this car.

Currently is Malaysia's most fuel efficient fuel ride! Good sporty looking, but a litter big small. You know la, i am a fat ass ma.

I no idea...........I now considering to buy Inokom Getz! How about the car fuel consumption? Are the car expensive to main? Any one can give me an idea?????

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sien...Boring...Bosan....Dont know where to go!

Sien...Boring...Bosan....Dont know where to go!

1) The amazing beautiful lake view in sabah(in Kunak, Mostyn, Sime Darby Plantation estate)! This lake is natural builded. The air here is fresh. The fish's here were big but you are not allow fishing here, told by the workers. If you want to release stress you can come here.
For me while i stay in this guess house, everyday what i can do is.... Only looking at this nice lake view and while at night, i sleep with insect. So nothing much i can do...So I gain more stess if i stay longer here.... But i think some people will like it.

2) ....It is because you are stay in the middle of plantation area! You are surrounding by oil palm tree. That why, if my friend asking me Sabah nice place to go or not! I will Say No! LOL! I think it is because i stuck here, haven visit others place.

3) If you like crowded place..You can come to Melacca Jonker Walk. There will be a night market held in friday, saturday, sunday night. A lot of tradisional/antique stuff you can find here.

4) The bad thing is you will trapped in the trafic jam which all the people hate it.

5) A luxury place(Sunway resort hotel) which only i attend when it is free.....

6) When the company annual dinner lo. ".-."!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

“Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging”

Long time no blogging! Outstation to the far far way from here, in Sabah and Sarawak! Live arround with the aniamal/insects, stay in the middle of plantation area. And now will going to join the wild "live"(animal) party soon.(will be with more animals arround!. I don't know how many animal will be there soon! LOL! And here the banner which i steal from nuffnang website.

YOYOYOY! Lets hiphop in the party!

Don't kill us! We are gangsters! If you shoot me! I will shoot you back! And we are ah LONG "Mau tolong sama lu". Got finacial problem...Let us all help you...

See our happies face! Its cute right!

Are we all in the same species? nagggggggggg!

In my world also have superhero! Who am i? I am the doggie man! What style you want? A doggie style?

Another superhero! I will make sure all my species live peace in this world!

Let me piss in peace please! Don't destroy my homeplace and my toilet!

Monday, May 5, 2008

working the whole week even on labour day!

what happen when you non stop working?

you will feel boring like shit!

you fell tired like shit!

you feel sick like shit!

The most important is i no time blogging

Friday, April 25, 2008

Why some people(anonymous ) so care about my ASS

There care bout

How many time you spam the pps
-they deem pps like their own blog.
-acting as pps administrator.
-asking you stop pinging

What i write
-can not use fuck this word even the true is this vocabulary really exist.
-can not use bad word, but after that they use bad word to screw you back.
-they don't have their blog, but asking me to shut down your blog.

My suck English
-i know my English suck, so i will appreciate if got people can help me to improve it.
-so don't need keep screw me about it but don't help me.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

What do you done for money??

Money is thing that can make people happy, sad, and so much more. There are lot of people doing crazy thing only to earn some cash for their life. I have been done a lot of part time job to earn some pocket money while studying in secondary school. Yeah money is damn hard to find. There are hundred thousand of job outside there! Below here are some of them. Are you have done this kind of job before?

a) Become a gigolo! Hell! This can easily make you earn damn lot of money by just doing simple job.

b) Then the thing that you need to do is "sell your stuff"!

Which is Sell Your Ass!

2) There bully to get money! Grab the weakness money! Please stop bullying!

3) Become a professional worker. Working 8 hours or more a day! Some of them thinking that their life is only for work, sleep and eat. Which is a bored/stressful life. That why all people now day become more crazy and crazy!

4) Become a racer! We Rempit. Who win who got the money/if lucky enough, you also can get pretty chick for 1 night.

5) Work as a laborer! Money is hard to earn man! Carry heavy stuff the whole day.

6) As a thief! Steal the panties/stuff/what ever available!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where i stay while i in Sarawak....

I stay in a bungalow house While i in Sarawak doing my job as a IT support staff(roll out a new email application for the estate user there). It is damn nice to stay in the big house and at the top of hill some more. The outside view is amazing! Woooow! What you can see is " The palm oill tree ". zzzzzz! There no other activities nevertheless working in the day light and watching Astro in the night. All Sarawakian outside there, please don't shoot me...Ya! Bintulu is a boring place to go.......
I have no opportunity to eat kampua...konglo mee... was delicious Sarawakian food that told by my friend. Yeah finished my 2 week job at here! And now i already come back home! The important thing is i will start blogging.

Inside the house!



Outside view! The house is rounded by palm oil tress!



On the way back to kl.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

When your first time...........

When you first time......
smoking (cough, later on want try more the be pro smoker.....)
drinking liquor ( hot face, sometime its damn painful - vomit like shit)
doing charity (boring, waste time, first time will be the last.....ZZZZ But some people are very enjoy doing that)
reading ( will continue read till finish to know what will happen; see 1 page then throw it away - too boring)
playing new game (if the game is nice...will playing until skip the going to work....)

I think don't try to do the bad thing, because we will will always continuously enjoying doing it.

when your first time come to some new place, you will say - Wah! so beautiful; so fun; so happening here; so boring here; bla bla......May be will come again!

Heaven will be the last destination for you????

Don't laugh at me please! because this is my first time taking a plane going somewhere....

Please stop laughing at me!
And this is my first time going to Sarawak! Sarawak I will coming - the bad thing is i go there for work........Yeah!