Thursday, April 24, 2008

What do you done for money??

Money is thing that can make people happy, sad, and so much more. There are lot of people doing crazy thing only to earn some cash for their life. I have been done a lot of part time job to earn some pocket money while studying in secondary school. Yeah money is damn hard to find. There are hundred thousand of job outside there! Below here are some of them. Are you have done this kind of job before?

a) Become a gigolo! Hell! This can easily make you earn damn lot of money by just doing simple job.

b) Then the thing that you need to do is "sell your stuff"!

Which is Sell Your Ass!

2) There bully to get money! Grab the weakness money! Please stop bullying!

3) Become a professional worker. Working 8 hours or more a day! Some of them thinking that their life is only for work, sleep and eat. Which is a bored/stressful life. That why all people now day become more crazy and crazy!

4) Become a racer! We Rempit. Who win who got the money/if lucky enough, you also can get pretty chick for 1 night.

5) Work as a laborer! Money is hard to earn man! Carry heavy stuff the whole day.

6) As a thief! Steal the panties/stuff/what ever available!

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