Friday, April 4, 2008

UNI Memories Part 2

The continuous of my sweet memories during my university life.......
Sweet memories Part One

9) My crazy house mate[semester 3] - They play game, they eat, they see movie, they shitting around, they waste their parents money, they not study; - (They are smart are not study, lazy only ler! Wuakakaka!)

10a) Me and jing! - My house mate, room mate, course mate! He say he was genius, i agreed with that lo! (study 2 hour, MSN whole day but he get the best result among us........this world is really damn not fair

10b) Nah! His genius look! Cool Right?

11) The usual words that u hear or see while in UNI! Help me sign the attendance! WTF! 15/18 hours a week also cant go to class...

12) Kuang Wai(Wai Gor) - like screaming people to do this la that la! That the personality of him!

13) Loy(God of Gamble) - He will win all your money if you gamble with him!

14) Ah fai - he can play game 48 hour non stop, sleep more than 24 hour, see movie more than 24 hour in one shoot. He is weird! By doing all this stuff, he can survive without eating.

15) Yeah! Our light work(not hard work ok?) make us graduated....I mis all of them so much! Working is not fund at all ler!

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