Monday, March 17, 2008

"Sweet memories Part One"

I missed what i have done in university , university life was a heaven for me! I still remember my first year in U, we all mandatory to stay in hostel for one year. While in hostel i meet a lot of nice guys(batang) and make friend with them till now! They are funny, nice, lazy, genius, smart, stupid, "Poyoo(can be assumed cool,naughty,stupid"), and a lot more! But one more thing, they all have same head as me(sama kepala = same attitude/behavior). They are from Malacca, Sarawak, Kl, Perak, Johor, Pahang, Penang, and Selangor. With different life style and come from different place, so imagine how crazy we are!

Boon Keat(keat jai). This feller drunk a lot and mixed the liquor, make him bler bler. He keep flirted that lady in the picture! He is my old friend from my hometown, not from uni one! He teach me a lot!(don't drink so much if you can't!) So i can't exclude him in this post entry!

After that this happen to him! Sleep tepi longkang(near the drain) Totally OFF!

Some of my uni friend, all look "poyoo"(cool) right? We are the cool!

The most funny guy! From Malacca, he try to show his muscle by posing like this! But unfortunately ended with damn funny look! Look like a big bird? We all call him Penghulu(headman of village), this name remain till now. This is because while in hostel, he is level 5(aras lima) head.

Ah boh! The most poyoo(naughty) guy among us! You can hear his voice from 5 mile away! "kecik-kecik cili padi"

Actually penghulu muscle is nice and big la! See how different between "penghulu" and "poyoo" boh!. Imagine when he kick you rotate from down stair to up stair!(not from up stair to down lo)

Wilson! Trying to be gangster! but his innocent look make him can't be! i don't know what wrong! His public speaking is good! (will be next big gun in Malaysia politic soon)

Kok Lon! The thinest among us! May be his mom don't feed him well! "LOL" But suddenly this feller disappear! No more news about him!

Young Jie! He is childish! But smart(first class degree holder).

They all make me laugh! They all make me didn't feel lonely! They all teach me sad/happy/fun of this life it is!

To be continue............
(ps: jing i will include your cam-whore in next post)


JiNG said...

oi oi oi.. when choose my photo, must choose nice nice one ar... dont cincai cincai put arr.. all the photos ups there are funny man.. er.. should said sucks.. hahhaaha... all with funny faces.. diu.. u not scared kena hamtam by them ar?? haha

Baba said...

Who dare to hamtam me lo! I only scare penghulu! Others i no scare lo! HAHAHAH! That why i say "actually penghulu muscle is nice"! Hopefully he doesn't see that lo! ".."!