Thursday, March 6, 2008

Do you Hate Microsoft?

Yesterday i receive a email from one of my colleague that asking me to help him. He telling that he always facing this kind of problem while being a IT support staff.
How do you proceed when you come across these messages on your screen! Please assist him if you can! I already try my best! LOL!

I suggest him power off his work station! +.+'

Again I ask him to power off his work station! +.+''

This time I ask him to find any drain or river and throw it! +.+'''


ipohchai said...

I'll love em more if they come up with more laughing stock like this

Baba said...

I cant admit that Microsoft Window is the good OS - but sometime i hate it lor! hahah!

JiNG said...

lol... the window doesnt looks genuine to me.. tats java script window is it?? haha.. ask him to press ALT+F4.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Lol, seriously man, reminds me of my wonderful, cheap motherboard.

"Cannot detect keyboard, press F1 to continue"