Monday, March 3, 2008

Stop Gambling! Help Others In Need!

How lucky i am? I always blaming the god why i so unlucky (Suay in chinese)! There are no wondefull life for gambler! I know it but i still do it!

Losing almost RM500 when gambling under the tree (Gambling among the villager in my home place)

Losing almost 1k in horse machine gambling while in secondary school. (By that time 1k is a big amount of money! Spent all the money that i got from working part time)

Losing 1.3 k when first time go in to Genting Casino!

Losing 2.3 k when second time go in to Genting Casino! (Spending all salary i have from working partime during 2 month semester break.)

Losing 1.6 k during CNY 2007 (Poor CNY!)

Losing 1.4 k on January this year 2008(This time my friend ask me to accompany him to meet some chick at genting! But it turn to gamble activity! Lol!)

Total=RM 8100

I really can't go to genting la. Or any else casino around this world. I can't control myself when i was there! I will gamble all the money i have. There are no stop for me until the money in my bank saving accounts is empty!

It all my fault, but when the time past by, I am sure when got people asking me for gamble, I will say yes! Haiz! When i will conscious? I know money is hard to find because all the money i have is from working like mad(shit). Why? Why i like this??

I was thinking god already bless me a lot by giving me a healthy body and what i have now. Why should i ask more! If i use all the losing money for charity, sure it can help abit for whom that needs help. I am so cheebye! When reading "Visiting the Orphanage – Nicolekiss Charity Sad Version" in 'Nicolekiss'

Please Help Thems!

Its 'wake me up'! I am sure there are a lot of gambler like this - When people ask you to donate sure you will say 'no!' When gambling you don't care no matter how much you lose!(include me in this category!) Just imagine if all of your money use for helping the Orphanage. Sure they will have a better life. From now, i will set my life new revolution! Stop Gambling! Help Others In Need! Hope i can achives this revolution. May all the gambler do so!

GOd BLess ALl OFf Us!

(poor english! hope you all can understand!)


cibol said...

apoo .. lidat u sure kenot gamble dude .. ha ha ha. tengku for kaming to mai blog .. u like kennysia hoh? ha ha ha .. u put all his pics ler .. mai god, if u put nicole's pics i understand or maybe dawn yang .. dun la put kennysia .. ha ha ha .. later pepur u not straight nia .. ha ha ha ..

eventho u are new .. but ur blog very nice. kam kam .. i be ur fren .. i add u to my blog roll okay anot?

Baba said...

Cibol- sure is ok for me! hahah! make more friend is my purpose! My perut oredi bigger than him la! lol! I also will add you!

JiNG said...

oi.. come go genting theme park with me.. wauhahahahaha.. please black list urself in genting casino..

ipohchai said...

uncle lim wont be so rich for no reason dude.
he open the casino to make money.. not for other people to make money