Friday, February 29, 2008

Sleep better with chipster! Live better in Life!

Just feel damn boring! One day to pass and another day to come? Are your life like this? Anyways why should you not living in a happy life? To get this, i prefer to sleep better with chipster! Sleep better with chipster! Live better in Life!

Dont worry be happy!

Come play with me!

Shit thief stealing my chipster!


Please dont disturb me!

Sleep a while, latter talk to you again!


JiNG said...

hey brother.. u put ur face just right under badawi name.. tak takut mati ka?? hahahahha plus, i guess thats ur office rite? not working ar.. damn free ar??

Baba said...

JING - Yup damn free! The whole internet can find badawi pic la! I add chipster pic on that.

JiNG said...

lol.. eh... chipster party deadline going to post something about it also.. hahaha