Friday, February 15, 2008

A Stupid Lesson

Think Before You Talk
One day while walking going for lunch,
A beggar suddenly come can asking you a question,
And the question is like this...

If you see a RM5 and RM10 notes on the street, which note will you take.

And by spontaneous you will answer RM10 right???
And then the beggar will scold you stupid! Take 2 of it la.

A lesson to non smoker and non drinker

Your friend suddenly come and offer you a RM100 note for asking you to smoke
Ur answer: I am non smoker, i don't want starting to smoke and the answer is no!!!

Your friend come again and this time he offer you RM200 to drink a bottle of alcohol
Ur answer: I don't drink and i don't want start this bad habit.

This time your friend offer you more notes and asking you to bang(f**k) his wife..
Ur answer: Hmmmmm! OK! I will do that!

After that your friend bring you to see his wife. And then he tell his wife that if you don't drink.. don't smoke... See what will you become! Become a beggar take people money!

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