Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kennysia.com - My blog idol

I starting thinking to blog when finding an interesting and funny thing that can be done in blog like what kennysia done in his blog
kennysia.com. But the thing is, not every one can blogging like Kenny. I will try my best to blog and take kennysia as my blogging mentor by reading his blog. The blooging encouragement also come from Jing who the only one keep leaving comments for my post entry. Thanks Jing!

I sure laughing like mad when seeing kenny sia funny act photo.

Kenny walking pass by plenty of pretty girls while become one of the judge in Malaysia Dream Girl.

Kenny Cool Look. Marcoo Man!

Trying be a superhero to finding a losing girl.

Be A Richest Man in this world

Becomes more rich than before!

This is madness


Laugh till my heart vomit out from my body!

Kennysia Biboo Look!

Slim Slam Kennysia.

Cute Kenny!

Adorable Man in this world!

What wrong with me?

Snorlkling with chipster?

Prety me?

Prettiest Man in this world?

Peeping Tom don't peep on me please.

I will do what you ask me to do!


JiNG said...

the way to get reader more motivated to read ur blog is by replying to their comment.. tat way they can feel that u are existed.. haha..

Baba said...

hahahah! But currently you the only 1 who leaving me a comment! If others i sure reply them back la! hahaha!

JiNG said...

they see my comment, then no reply from u, sure dont wanna leave comment lar... hahhaa.. and another way to make friends with blogger is go visit their website often and leave comment everytime u visit.. they sure come back to u geh.. hehe

cibol said...

ha ha ha .. the policy now is, you comment .. i folo ..