Sunday, March 30, 2008

When? Why? You Smoke!

Nowadays smoke are damn expensive! but i don't know why there are still a lot of smoker around (including me). May be smoking really help! Or may be its gain more problem! I am not a heavy smoker, but i still don't want to stop this bad habit.

1) I smoke When i stress!(a lot of works, exam, losing money, and a lot more-when bad thing happen)

2) When i feel lonely! (when your friend don't tiu you; when you feeling that you really need a girl friend - don't want find but want to have)

3) When i shitting in the toilet (some people reading, but i smoke to make my shit not smelly! LOL!)

4) When i happy/clubbing (celebrating something; clubbing without smoke is suck; )

5) When I sad( sad mean when no money; no friend; bad thing happen)

Do you have this bad habit? When and why you smoke?


yipwt said...

u dun need to smoke to feel high...try running.

JiNG said...

wei... put la those who commented on your blog at your link there.. they are your blogger friend d. haha..

find u when im free lar.. damn busy this few weeks.. work for 7 days a week ar.. hahaha

Baba said...

yipwt - Hahaha! I don't feel high when i smoke also! If i don't smoke during that time, i will feeling something wrong.

jing - hey we makan besar before i move this end of month. hope you can come and help me! hahaha!

JiNG said...

end of month?? haha.. ok ok.. u remind me lar.. u know lar.. im big business man now.. busy lar.. wauhahahaha