Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nyonya Kuih!

Baba Nyonya dessert/cake (Nyonya Kuih/Kueh) is one of the famous Malaysian food! Well! As a one of the BABA generation, i think i should promote it!
I can eat more than 10 pieces a time, i think you all can do it also!

1) Kuih/Kueh Ku. This Kuih Ku can be in red/green/black color. Red=Ang KU, Green=Pandan Ku, Black=Oh KU(LOL! This one i no sure!). Made - Steamed glutinous rice flour with split green peas paste or coconut filling.

2) Kuih/Kueh Kochi(Passover cake). Made - Steamed Glutinous rice flour with coconut filling. I got heard 1 pantun about this kuih/kueh Kochi when i was child, here the pantun

Abuk-Abuk Kuih Kochi,
Orang Mabuk! Jual Puki!

3) Kuih/kueh Pulut Tai-tai. Made - Steamed Glutinous rice cake with kaya (coconut jam).

4) Kuih/kueh Pulut Inti. Made - Steamed Glutinous rice cake with coconut filling. The black/brown colour filling is desiccated coconut cooked with brown sugar. Actually Kuih Tai-Tai and Pulut Inti almost same.

5) Onde-Onde. Made - Small ball made from glutinous rice flour that tossed in freshly grated coconut and filled with palm sugar(Gula Melaka) inside.

6) Kuih/kueh Lapis(9-Layered Cake).

This all are my favourite Nyonya Kuih.....Kueh Kosui, Kueh Rengas, Kueh Talam and a lot more! Nyonya Kuih are delicious! Hope you all can try its!

Updated: GO try Melaka Nyonya Kuih at Tengkera during you next visit! And then you know it! But Remember: Please leave me a few pieces ! HAHAHA!


JiNG said...

never saw u bring some to me.. diew...

Kimberlycun said...

wah this post makes me hungry! havent had traditional kuihs for a long time

Baba said...

Jing- GO to pasar malam la! Sure got this kind of kuih! Cheap! Cheap Only!

Kimberlycun- 10s for first time leaving a comment here! GO try it Melaka Nyonya Kuih at Tengkera during you next visit! But dont eat too much! Left me a few pieces PLS!

subby said...

Looks delicious i think we have those in Singapore too! Actually i had Kueh Ku last week :)

suituapui said...

My first time here, and the reason is obvious! Food never fails to attract me to somebody's blog!!! Drool! Drool! Such nice pecs u've got! Oops...I mean pics! LOL!!! Gosh! Nyonya kuehs are my weakness!!! But I prefer those in Kuching to those in Melaka, Penang or elsewhere...but then again, one must know where to buy and who to buy from!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

i see fat, cholestrol, cancer, sugar overdose, high blood pressure and saturated fat.

but i love em!

JiNG said...

those comment which was posted after 5pm will never get reply until the next day.. cos this BABA damn free in office..wauahahahhaha.. go back straight after 5pmm.. wauahhahahahaha opps.. pecah secret pula..

Baba said...

Subby - Yes they are deligious! Not look only! Hahaha! Singapore sure got because melaka,penang and Singapore is where the place baba and nyonya came from.

Suituapui - hahaha! sure you prefer to kucing nyonya kuih bacause you from there right? i think you buy from wrong place and wrong person ler! You should buy from original baba nyonya people, their hand make kueh nyonya are more yummy!

ron jerem lee - you should say sugar! almost all of the nyonya kueh are heavy with sugar!

Jing - Sure la! Hahaha! I am wating my boss to kick my ass! If got some1 here asking me what i am doing? I realy dont know what to say o!

suituapui said...

Next time I go Melaka, u bring me go buy lor! I love the ang-tau cendol at Mako though!!! 1 bowl not enuf...ummm come to think of it, what's ever enuf for suituapui hor??? The nyonya food there oso best!!!

Baba said...

hahaha! Me also fat ass la! eating is never enough for me! Yeah!