Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cina tipu! Melayu Malas! Indian Putar-Belit!

Are your mindset is like this?

Chinaman = cina selalu tipu (chinese people always cheating)

Melayu = Melayu malas (Malay people are lazy)

Indian = India putar-belit (Indian tongue are like snake..I dont know how to describe la)

Don't Stereotype people. Actually not every Chinaman is a cheat, not every Malay is lazy and not every indian are putar-belit(sigh). There are lazy chinaman too. (Me la..Yeah!)
Please change your mindset, so that malaysian will live in harmorny country! Peace! !-_-'


JiNG said...

u are different.. got darah china, darah melayu and you always mix with indian also.. so basically your attitude will become

Selalu tipu + Malas + Putar Belit.


DING said...

JING: No lar.. a type of people with all 3 really exists. It is the Orang BN!!

1) selalu tipu: no, no Parliament dissolved today! yes, Parliament dissolved today! Yes, will set up Police Commission! Yes, will wipe out corruption!

2) malas: a lot of BN MPs never turn up to Parliament. Never do anything for the people either.

3) Putar belit: no, we will not bail out PKFZ! Yes, we provided RM4.6 billion "soft loan"! This keris will bathe in blood! Don't worry, we will de-sensitize non-Malays to the keris.

mob1900 said...

Cons also comes with Pros, so think of having the Best Strengths of the 3 races-lar!

Org. Melayu(Berbudi bahasa + Org. Cina(tau niaga) + Org India(kuat<---boleh tahan water-cannon & tear-gas tau!)


Baba said...

Ding - LOL! Ding Look like you very hate BN lo! Then this election
you dont need sakit kepala anymore to whom you should vote! You got your choice edi!

Mob1900 - betui betui tu! HAHAHA! I almost got all of that strengths!

DING said...

Leave it to rabble-rouser mob to look on the positive side! :D

Yes of course. sakit betui look at my tax money go down the drain, BN lie to the people like they are idiots and being overtaken 10-20 years by Korea and Singapore.

Not to say our Opposition guaranteed to immediately make us better, but enough of this crap from BN.

Rock on, Mr. Muhibah you!