Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Funny shit comment

While i was reading, i noticed comment on Malay Racist from this blog are damn funny and nice to ada (From the comment listed, you can know that Malaysians are damn cute funny varieties races and religious).

Here are the comment that i have edited and elaborated(like doing an assignment -.-) for my blog entry and i think these comments are not racist and the most important is ...It Was True

1)From the tok imam
Today my subject is “You Know I Know La”

-Who can screw people around and no need say sorry? “You Know I Know La”
(Got 1 bully case in upm, the university counsellor inform to media that the bullier were sing a school song, not screwing the Chinese student. And then, there are still a lot of cases la.)

-Who says on CNN the Chinese is successful is bcos of the Malay giving chance? “You Know I Know La”
(This 1 i not sure about it, and i dont want give more comment on it)

-Why Singapore grows so fast although its a small country compared to the always-boleh Malaysia? “You Know I Know La”
(cakap tak serupa bikin..Talk and not doing it...that the Malaysian slogan, but actually if we still fighting with each other ='racist' how to grows like this-Acting like none uneducated and childish)

-Thanks to Harry, now i know why the stupid Malay kids always taunt and throw stones at my dogs (injuring them times) ALTHOUGH MY DOG CANT EVEN FLY OVER THE 2 METRE GATE TO BITE THEM. Is that how their religion teach them? “You Know I Know La”
(Sometime dog are so annoying la, it keep barking like mad without any reason -i will throw stones too.. : But there are cute.)

-What for keep on complaining? We all know it wont change anything…
Why? “You Know I Know La”
(No action will be taken or late respond- government employee work smart and not hard - by keep ularing - run away from duties. This year, finally Hindus request against public holiday for thaipusam is success -only for wilayah perseketuan bcos of election ler..hahahaha. their request pulic holiday for whole country still haven success nia.)

Bcos i look like Malay but is a Chinese...(if look like me, sound like me, and is not 100 % me- from vk ligam...HAHAHAHA) “You Dont Know I Know La” So i will acting like a Malay when in a Malay group conversation (they will gossip about Chinese like this la like that la and whatever la...When i in the Chinese group conversation they will talk Malay what what what la. So it too bad la. ME! Please stop la....)

2)From Mr xXx,
Dont Talk Do IT

-Well. It seems im out dated with the racist issue. Im a malay. Since no one has post a comment since last November, maybe this issue has stopped or not. I not angry if you said that fuck malays, their lazy ass etc and etc… Im not angry. I dont hate chinese. I dont hate Indians or any other race either. I do understand that the privileges that given to the malays might have offend you guys for not being fair. But in fact, I never find it a privileges for me as a malay. I read all the comments, and I smiled. They were a lot of Chinese people hate malays, and there were Malays who hate chinese. My advise is, dont hate us. Hate the leaders. We have nothing to do with the perlembagaan, the undang2, or the corrupt minister. If someone commits a crime, does the justice condemn the races of the people committing the crime? NO. WE blame the people doing it. It does not mean, being a Malay, lazy ass motherfucker, and it does not mean being a Chinese, consider as hard working that are always right. We are both wrong. Malay is not superior, nor does Chinese. If u guys hate Malay so much, why dont u guys take action. Show to the Malays that what ur races are capable off. Conquer the economy, conquer the business. Even the statistic show that the billionaires are chinese and indians. Show to the Malays that the top 10 billionaires are Indians and Chinese,get rid of the Malays billionaires. What Im trying to say is, u curse chinese or malays, it does not change anything. U hate each other, still it wont change anything. It just silly to make comments and comments, hate malays o malays hate chinese, does ur comment change anything, o does my comment will change anything? You just know how to make comments, and yet, nothing you could change. Can u change something ? Then if you can, change the name to Malay”sia to China”sia. I rather to see some action rather than comments, and comments about Malays. Do something about it man. Dont be a such a coward and yet, no action is taken. BE A MAN, AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Dont u find it silly ? Me and you in this situation ? Think about it deeply. Maybe someday u grow up, u will understand what Im trying to say. Everyone can talk even the small children can talk. The question is, do you have the GUTS to do something ???????

(on my opinion is who work hard and smart who dessert it. dont keep pointing your finger to each other. Why people before merdeka(independent) that less educated can help each other to get independent from British. Why we as a "modern" people cant accept each other and tolerance a litter big to develop our country. Please dont let people talk nonsenses about our country. We must start loving our country and not shame about it.Why must u shame when people asking you about ur country???)

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This year election sure kalah... cham... then sure darurat d.. i guess i better go back to sarawak liao... peaceful.. uwahahahahahhahaahhaa....