Friday, January 18, 2008

Poor Me!

Yesterday when i was walking out from my office to the lift, i meet an auntie from my office and we start our conversation like this while in the lift......

Autie: Hi!

Me: Hi!

Auntie: Where do you park your car? Basement??

ME: No la! I driving my motorbike! (Har? In my mind....alamak i talk wrong word again, it should be riding my motorbike...Damn la

Auntie: Wah! Then must be dangerous! Carefully will be safe...Where to you stay?

ME: Serdang!

Auntie: Wah! So far. Usual to ride?

Me: No la. This my first time travel for so long!(Zzzzz! I should say, this is my first time riding motorbike in a long distance.)

Auntie: er...??????

After that the lift door was open i and fast-fast say good bye to the auntie that damn bler and cant understand what i am talking about.

Auntie: Bye! (??? on her head)

It is really suck ler when can't talk well in english! every time when people chat english with me..I sure will say ya..yes...ok....ah...erm....ohhhh...It too bad for me la......hoping my english will improve soon!Cau!


JiNG said...

lo.... then next time we see each other, we use English lar.. hahahha

should learn to use more words like, " oh man~!!.. oh fuck!@@.. oh Shit!!.. Fuck you!@@. hahhaa..

Baba said...

That will be nice! hahahaha!! I will use that words!